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Get Involved with Plumstead Democrats

Interested in making your voice heard in your community? Interested in electing Democrat candidates?  Want to meet other people in your community who share your values?  Get involved a little bit or a's up to you!  

Here are some things you can do to make a difference:



  • Find out more about our Democrat candidates

    • To learn about candidates at the local, county, and state levels click here.

  • Donate to Plumstead Democrats 

    • 100% of donations are used to support Democrat candidates​.  Click here to find out how to donate.  

  • Attend our monthly meetings 

    • Plumstead Democrats meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm. Currently meetings are being held on zoom. Click here to receive details for our next meeting and the zoom link. 

Want to do more? Get involved in your precinct:  ​​​

There are five voting precincts in Plumstead Township, each with its own polling place and each with two committee people who work to inform and engage local residents.  To contact your committee people for information or to get involved, click here.  To find out more about precincts in Plumstead, and what precinct you live in, click here.


Ways to get involved in your precinct include:

  • join a committee​; e.g. social media, fundraising, etc.
  • help out at polls on election day

  • host a candidate meet and greet

  • host a petition signing for potential candidates

  • "Get out the Vote" phone calls

  • send text message reminders for election day

  • canvas for a candidate

  • postcard writing

  • and others!

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