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Voting Precincts & Poll Locations

Plumstead Township is split into 5 voting regions, or precincts.  Voters can either vote at their assigned polling location in person or by voting by mail.  For more information on voting, please click here.

  • Each precinct has 2 committee people who work to inform and engage local residents

  • Each precinct has its own polling place.  2 precincts share a polling location (Precincts 3 & 5).

  • Click here to find your precinct and polling location

  • Plumstead Precinct Map below or  click here.

We are currently looking for Democratic residents in precincts 2 & 5 to serve as committee people.  If you would like to get involved or need information about voting, please contact the committee person who lives in your precinct.  

Precinct 1

Pt. Pleasant Fire Company

Wismer Rd. and Pt. Pleasant Pike, Pt. Pleasant

Mindy Alvaré

Sheree Coté

Precinct 2

Plumstead Firehouse

5064 Stump Road,


Sarah Beltz

Open position

Precinct 3 & 5

Tohickon Middle School

5051 Old Easton Road,

Precinct 3- Jeff Mann 

Precinct 3- Jenna Little

Precinct 5- open for 2

Precinct 4

Joseph E. Hanusey Community Park at Carriage Hill

4757 Gordon Road,

open for 2 

Plumstead Precinct Map
Unsure of your precinct?
Take a look at this map which identifies the boundaries of each precinct.  Click on Plumstead, then zoom in to your address.

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